San Clemente

Wow what another incredible adventure in the books. About a month ago I decided to put money down on a Napier truck tent and that was probably one of the best purchases I’ve made. Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I headed out to San Clemente to test and the new tent. We got ourselves a campsite at San Clemente State Beach Campground and set up the tent and our cute little campsite. We went to a Walmart near by before heading to our campsite and bought hotdogs and canned chili beans for dinner, s’mores for dessert, and eggs to scramble and bacon for breakfast the next morning, and a ton of firewood. Aside from the big tent purchase it was such a cheap adventure for how beautiful and surreal the trip was. Believe it or not, setting up a tent in the back of your truck is extremely spacious and comfortable! We could fit a mattress back there and had plenty of extra room!

After we got our campsite set up, we walked over to the San Clemente State Beach and threw a football around for a bit before heading over to the San Clemente State Park Cliffs to watch the sunset.


After the sun went down, we headed back to our campsite to cook dinner, enjoy s’mores over the fire, and play card games in our tent.

The next morning I pulled out my fancy little pour over drip coffee maker and brewed us some coffee, while Jordan made us eggs and bacon. Afterwards we went on a run from our campsite down to the pier. It was about 3 miles there and back.

Last on our weekend getaway, we decided to pack up the campsite and head to La Jolla to go kayaking. I had bought a Groupon for La Jolla kayaking by the sea caves. It was really amazing, and I highly recommend. You’ll see a ton of wild life and the view of the caves is amazing.

What a trip. I can’t wait for the next one!


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