Davenport, CA is a little town about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz along Highway 1. The town is most known today for its gorgeous secluded beaches: Panther Beach, Shark Fin Cove, and Davenport Pier Beach.

After attending college in Monterey Bay for 4 years, I had done just about everything in the area. Being the addicted social media user I am, I kept seeing a great deal of instagram posts about this abandoned pier with a swing attached at the bottom of one of the pillars. It had been on my bucket list for a while and I finally figured out where it was located. I was finally able to visit after I graduated college back in May with my roommates.

To get to Davenport Pier Beach you park on the side of the road and walk along abandoned train tracks and then go on a short walk on a scenic trail surrounded by blossoming flowers (depending on the season). You then arrive at a cliff that over looks the abandoned pier. In order to get to the swing you basically scale a steep cliff by holding a rope to aid you down to the sand. I was not expecting the trip down to the abandoned pier swing to be quite the trek it was, but hey, I managed to make it down with flip flops on and a sprained ankle.

Back in October I decided to revisit Davenport while on a trip to Monterey with my boyfriend. He had never visited Monterey or Santa Cruz and I wanted to pack in as many of my favorite places in one weekend as I could. Davenport made the cut….obviously. This time when I went back to Davenport Pier Beach, I discovered a lot about the area and we chose a sunny day so we were able to swing off the swing into the ocean and make a full beach day out of it.

We discovered a creepy tunnel that extends across the street to some sort of abandoned building or business. Apparently Davenport is named after a whaling Captain named John Pope Davenport who built a wharf in order to load lumber onto boats brought down from the village. The lumber was easily transported through the underground tunnel, across the wharf, and on to these ships. Now its rather creepy, but really fascinating to explore.

After a great day swinging on the abandoned pier we decided to check out the other two iconic beaches in Davenport. Shark Fin Cove is walking distance from the pier. It’s a cute little beach with a big rock resembling a shark fin out in the distance and Panther Beach is about a 5 minute drive from there and it’s another beautiful beach I would highly recommend checking out!

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